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Online Course Title: Writing Mystery Crime Stories 

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Mystery writing or crime stories dominate TV, film and books. The public cannot seem to get enough of murders, compelling plots, clever dialogue, engaging characters and the surprising and satisfying conclusions.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a mystery writer yourself then this course is for you! We reveal the secrets of writing great mysteries, creating amazing plot twists, finding ideas and characters and all the elements that make up mystery writing.

Could you be the next Agatha Christie or create a new “Sherlock Holmes”? – the only way to find out is to try it! 


Tablet & iPad App

1: Getting Started

2: Generating Ideas
3: Developing Characters
4: Villains & Suspects
5: Background Characters
6: Setting The Scene
7: Tone & Outline
8: Crafting A Plot
9: Suspense & Climax
10: Writing Scenes
11: Pace & Revision
12: Polish your Grammar
13: Critique your Work