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Online Course Title: Villainous Characters

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Want to create villains that live long in the memory?

Aspire to creating your own Darth Vader, Moriarty, Fu Manchu, or Hannibal Lecter?

Creating a fictional villain requires more than writing in some evil cliches and traits. Real villlains need a delicate balance of good and bad points to give them credibility, motivation and depth. Villains are essential for any story.

Explore the archetypes, formats and techniques with us - Start creating evil and skullduggery today? 


Tablet & iPad App

1: Sketching an Outline

2: Empathy
3: Story Function
4: Avoid Bad Villains?
5: Archetypes
6: Classic Types
7: Femme Fatale
8: Character Development
9: Movie Inspiration
10: Making Them Real
11: Writing Techniques
12: Henchmen
13: Death of a Villain