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Online Course Title: Sword & Sorcery

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Sword and Sorcery is a vibrant, adventurous subgenre of Fantasy, that sells in every format - comics, video games, films, and books. If you like action, fast paced stories, simple plots, swashbuckling, adventurous females and daring do with square jawed heroes in exotic locations, then this is the genre for you! Just think Conan, Kane, Raven, Gor or Red Sonja - genre of the warrior hero.

Sword and sorcery stories are exciting fun to read and write, and a great starting genre for any new author. Join our quest as we journey through the genre, plan our attack to help you start writing, and provide battle techniques. If your dream is to know and write Sword & Sorcery stories then this is for you - start today! 


Tablet & iPad App

1: What is it?

2: Heroic Fantasy Debate
3: A History Tour
4: Villains
5: Original Characters
6: Character Charts
7: Hero
8: Fight Scenes
9: Action Page
10: Fighting Reality
11: Pacing & Dialogue
12: Dialogue
13: Description
14: Reality Check
15: Reality Bites
16: Modern Times