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Online Course Title: Start Your Own Book Club

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Thinking of starting a book club? It’s a great way to be in the know about the latest bestsellers or craze, make new friends, develop your hobby, be more cultured and broaden your horizons. You can start a club based on any topic you wish, there are even work based clubs that help employee skills. Online book clubs are good for discussion, but there is no substitute for the traditional book club experience with people.

A book club can be as much fun and as rewarding as you make it. Whether a specialist interest, fun over a glass of wine, social, great literature, genre, work focus or whatever avenue you want, follow these steps and you can’t go wrong. 


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1: What is a Book Club?

2: Questions To Consider
3: First Meeting
4: Choosing Books
5: Leading a Discussion
6: Book Club Problems
7: Make it Fun
8: Specialist Clubs
9: Final Tips