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Online Course Title: Reading Skills

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Want to read more in less time? Suffer from information overload? Unable to take in what you just read? Never have the time to read?

The ability to read well and be well read is a basic requiremenl in our "knowledge economy". Anyone can benefit from learning to read better and faster by adopting simple strategies. You can become a fast accurate reader, get through your work in half the time, know more, be a better student and have more free time to spend exactly as you wish.

Help yourself and your family by learning these strategies today! 


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1: Introduction

2: Reading Speed
3: Organise and Remember
4: Focus & Concentration
5: Finding Information Quickly
6: Preview & Groups
7: Faster Reading
8: Reading Speeds
9: Retrieving Information
10: Reading Non-Fiction
11: Reading Fiction
12: Critical Reading & Review