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Online Course Title: Play Writing For Beginners

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Thinking of writing a script for a play? Need to make that good script great?

Our course offers clear, step-by-step guidance in the basics: character, conflict and structure, setting, dialogue and formatting. These principles are applicable to any scripts - plays, screen, radio or television. We look at more than a dozen elements to move your ideas up a level. If you would enjoy telling stories through dialogue, physical interaction, and symbolism, you should really try your hand at writing scripts.

It could be the beginning of a great career! Writing a play can be a daunting task, but a very rewarding one, why not start today? 


Tablet & iPad App

1: Being a Playwright

2: Ideas
3: Elements of a Play
4: Planning
5: Start Writing
6: Script Overview
7: Formatting
8: Putting The Script Together
9: Writing Techniques
10: Characters & Dialogue
11: Actors and Directors
12: Redraft to Perform