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Online Course Title: Opening Hooks

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Any writing - novel, screenplay, article, short story, song, has to have a great opening. Something that will grab the reader’s attention, make them want to read more, set the tone and encapsulate what your writing is about, just as an opening image defines a film.

A great opening hook will pull readers into your novel and keep them there. For new writers it is the key to being noticed by editors, agents and directors - the first page has to be the hook - no-one reads further. Develop your skills with our examples and ideas on how you can create memorable openings. 


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1: Opening Hook

2: Deeper Opening
3: Movie Openings
4: Promo Writing
5: Opening Lines
6: Avoid the Crooks?
7: Song Writing Hooks
8: Script Hooks
9: Read On
10: Final Thoughts