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Your Local Neighborhood Bookstore Is Online


If there is still a Mom ‘n Pop bookstore in your area, consider yourself one of the few. As ebooks sales increase, so too do the failure of traditional brick and mortar bookstores. Even giants like Barnes & Noble are beginning to shut the doors at many of their locations. The loss of these stores, however, does not mean the loss of independent and unique bookstores.

The Niche Trend

From sites like DeepRootsLibrary (for theological Christian texts), FictionWise (for fiction lovers), and many more, online niche libraries of purchasable content are growing by the day. Curated libraries, rated lists of texts, even original content only purchasable through a single retailer are popping up across the web.

With unique designs and books that are laid out with detail, the option to shop at a smaller venue is a tempting one. Browsing through millions of ebook options on sites like Amazon can be overwhelming. Much like independent real world shops, online niche sites offer a more personalized experience.

Individual Attention

Quite similar to the advantage small shops on the street offer, niche ebook stores provide personal attention. With digital products come digital issues. Since downloading issues can be tricky to deal with, having an actual person to speak with is a convenience most prefer. Downloading errors, account issues, even suggestions for future products are usually more quickly attended to through small, niche stores.

Even individual ebooks are given more formatting attention than with larger ebook powerhouses. When purchasing a publication through a third party, issues such as formatting can arise. Small, niche bookstores often have rigorous formatting procedures that create consistent products.

The Shift to Digital

The digital revolution has increased the sale of ebooks, but has also negatively affected traditional bookstores. In 2012, eBook sales surpassed hardcover book sales for the very first time. This shift in preference is hitting traditional bookstores quite hard.

On the bright side, the publishing industry overall is seeing tremendous growth. With growth month in and month out, writers and publishers are seeing more profit and potential for profit. The increase in sales overall is bringing in new niche publishing sites consistently.

Brick and mortar bookstores are feeling the hurt of the switch from hardbound books to digital content. With this shift has come an explosion in niche publishing development. Although a dark outlook for traditional bookstores, overall sale totals in the publishing world point towards a bright future.