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Online Course Title: Ghostwriting

"Make Yourself Available For Success" 


No, it's not things that go bump in the night! Ghost writing is a growing craft that dare not speak its name, because most publishers or authors don't acknowledge their ghost writers. Yet it can be a source of steady income for any author.

A ghost writer is paid to write books, articles, web content, speeches, manuals, blogs and much more but allows that work to be credited to someone else. Do you really think Wayne Rooney or most celebrities wrote that book? Do bosses really do their blogs? Our course introduces you to the marketplace, specialities, work, fees and techniques of the ghost writer, even starting your own business. So why not give yourself a ghost of a chance today? 


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1: Basic Facts

2: Variety
3: The Celebrity Market
4: Working Author
5: Croft's Thoughts
6: Reality Check
7: Business in a Week
8: Ideas & Flexibility