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Online Course Title: Getting Your Non Fiction Published 

"Make Yourself Available For Success" 


Are you ready to write? Got a good non-fiction book in you? Good - 70% of all books published are non fiction and there is a market out there waiting for you - if you know the tricks!

This course provides an overview of the universal rules of non fiction writing, book structure, your writing voice, developing a narrative and above all what editors look for so we can help you get published. Anyone interested in writing a non-fiction book will profit from the course or anyone who wants to know how publishers work. 


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1: The Book Business

2: Choosing a Topic
3: Knowing Your Audience
4: Literary Agents
5: Query Letter
6: Submission Package
7: Writing a Great Proposal
8: The Writing Example
9: Completing your Writing
10: The Writing Process
11: Further Process Points
12: Finding a Publisher
13: Doing a Deal
14: Publishing Process
15: Marketing