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Online Course Title: Creative Writing

"Make Yourself Available For Success" 


Do you want to write? Need to know the tricks of the trade? Want a complete A-Z of the art of writing? Unleash the writer within you as we explore every aspect of the craft. We help you discover techniques, tips, tools and exercises that will develop your talents to their full potential.

Creativie writing is an innate ability. Our course is fun,informal and full of specialist practical advice. Suitable for any writer or anyone interested in books, it is the most comprehensive free writing course on the web. Free up the writer in you today! 


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1: Creative Realities

2: Feeling Creative?
3: Why & What Writing?
4: Writing Fiction
5: Genres
6: Children & Fantasy Genres
7: Historical & Romances
8: Plots
9: Themes
10: Plot Building
11: Roadmaps & Forests
12: Silver Shoes and Graphs
13: Creating Characters
14: Heroes and Villains
15: Genre Characters
16: Dialogue
17: Dialogue Techniques
18: Writing Styles
19: Style & Viewpoint
20: Naming & the End