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Online Course Title: Comic Book Script Writing

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Do you have a passion to write comic books?
You need to, this is one of the toughest markets to start in, as well as a complex form of writing. Get off to the best possible start with this course on all the elements that go into scripting a comic story, right down to selling your work.

Comics are a global market, as well as sources for film and video games. Got an idea? Could it be a serial? Then start writing today


Tablet & iPad App

1: First Steps

2: Story Elements
3: Conflict
4: Serial Fiction
5: Story Logic
6: Structure
7: Characters
8: Biographies
9: Character Building
10: Outline Process
11: Page Breakdown
12: Layout Styles
13: Terminology
14: Formatting
15: Script Writing
16: Marvel Scripts
17: Financial Rewards?